Extra Hour Ambassador

Extra Hour Ambassador






If your day has more than 24 hours, join our program to make up to an extra 300€ a month, learn and gain work experience



University life is hard. Believe us, we’ve been there, done that. Actually, one of us is still struggling with it! Not only the professors made us stay up many extra hours to deliver unexpected assignments and study for tightly packed exams in record time. But it wasn't also easy to cope with all the parties, especially those during the week, with the extracurricular activities, staying fit, and showing up nice and neat to our family. And let's forget about those good grades. Not!


That’s why we believe students need more energy and focus as well some extra bucks to better enjoy some of the best years of our lives. We’re gathering a team of ambassadors to expand the extra hour and bring TwentyFive to the universities. And we want you to be part of it. In exchange, we offer free samples, discounts and a commission on sales. Besides the money, you’ll also have a chance to learn and improve your marketing and business development skills! 


Open to unsolicited applications, apply at 




+ Become part of TwentyFive’s community and learn more about the extra hour

+ Earn a commission on sales up to an average of 300€ a month plus bonuses

+ 6 month term with possibility for renewal

+ Free samples and discounts+ Exclusive perks 




 + Brand and sales

    - Develop brand awareness in your campus

    - Grow sales among your network

+ Marketing

    - Spot trends, influencers and opportunities

    - Propose and manage guerrilla marketing campaigns

+ Community management

    - Collect feedback and address doubts

    - Engage your campus in our activities 




+ Be an university student

+ Have plenty of energy & focus

+ Be honest, empathic and communicative 

+ Have a work hard, play hard lifestyle


Open to unsolicited applications, apply at